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Food Marketing Podcast v4 2015 Marc Jordan Paxton
Food Marketing Podcast: Interviews with pros | Learn social media, branding, strategy, & tactics | Market online & offline
The food and beverage industry is built on the back of marketing, and my show brings to light the strategies and tactics that successful entrepreneurs and marketers have used to reach their marketing goals. Their stories help inspire others to promote their brands and sell their products better.
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February 2016 Episodes:
Steve Ziegler, Webstaurant Store's Product Expert
  • Pub Date: Feb 26, 2016 - 4:00 am
  • Steve Ziegler: Webstaurant Store's Product Expert
  • Listen:
  • With 27 years in the foodservice industry, Steve has a wealth of knowledge about products, so he gets paid to use all of the Webstaurant Store’s offerings. He has a real knack for using video to get traffic to webstaurantstore.com and is probably best known for his dangerous method of frying gnocchi; watch the video by clicking here! This one actually helped him get on the Rachael Ray Show, where she brought on an expert chef to explain how to fry it safely.

    Books to Read:
    - How to Work a Room by Susan RoAne
    - The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

    Apps/Online Resources:
    - Asana
    - Google Analytics
    - Board Reader

    Time Machine Advice:
    “Just be confident.”

    How to Contact:
    - @webstaurant

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    Final Thoughts:
    “If you’re getting into social media for the first time, just go out there and do it and learn from other people that are out there doing it already. Look for people in your space that are already doing social media, and doing it well.”

    Music: Sacrifice by Robodub
    Intro by John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire

Anna Dolce, Restaurant Coach
Bill Cross, SVP of Business Development at Broad Street Licensing Group
  • Pub Date: Feb 12, 2016 - 4:00 am
  • Bill Cross: Broad Street Licensing Group's SVP of Business Development
  • Listen:
  • Bill is a family-centered businessman with a passion for helping companies succeed in new industries. For foods especially, he loves creating brand extensions that take them down different, yet familiar, financially viable paths.

    Favorite Book:
    Bourbon Empire by Reid Mitenbuler

    App/Online Resource:
    - Vrrb
    - LinkedIn
    - Twitter

    Time Machine Advice:
    - "Dude, just CHILL!"
    - "Enjoy the ride."

    Contact Info:
    - Blog
    - Homepage
    - Twitter

    Food Marketing Podcast Contact Info:
    - Twitter
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    - Daily Food-related Content

    Final thoughts:
    - "Buy low, sell high."
    - "Life goes by quickly; enjoy the ride."

    Music: Sacrifice by Robodub

Robert Brill, CEO of AudienceBoom
  • Pub Date: Feb 05, 2016 - 4:00 am
  • Robert Brill: AudienceBoom's CEO
  • Listen:
  • He's an advertising pro who merged his passion for food and his love of photography by creating "Dude Let's Eat", a persona that features food-related images and information on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest. More importantly, he started AudienceBoom, a service that helps create online success in social media for other companies.

    After ten years of doing programmatic advertising for brands like Bacardi and Pet Smart, Robert's learned a lot about how to use this particular type of marketing to buy and schedule ads. Now he's taking that knowledge and using it to help small and medium size brands which don't have the money to pay expensive agency rates to make that happen.

    Periodicals/Articles/Books to Read:
    - Digiday
    - Adexchanger
    - Business Insider
    - Ad Age
    - Adweek
    - The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
    - Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
    - Good to Great by Jim Collins

    Apps/Online Resources:
    - Studio
    - WordSwag
    - iMovie
    - Cover (the bill)

    Time Machine Advice:
    - "Be present. Enjoy what is; don’t worry about what isn’t and everything’s going to turn out."
    - "Nothing changes but everything feels better."

    How to contact:
    - robert@audienceboom.com
    - AudienceBoom.com
    - (818) 720-1632

    Food Marketing Podcast contact info:
    - Twitter
    - Facebook
    - Daily Food Marketing Roundup

    Music: Sacrifice by Robodub