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Grant Di Mille, Sweetery NYC's President
  • Pub Date: Apr 15, 2016 - 3:05 am
  • Grant Di Mille: Sweetery NYC's President (Rebroadcast)
  • Listen:
  • Grant and I discuss the power of food to incentivize later purchasing behavior. He successfully uses food trucks as a marketing tool to promote major brands in the New York City area.

    Quote of Note:
    "Never say 'No.'  Never say 'Never.'"

    Book Recommendation:
    - Return on Relationship by Kathryn Rose and Ted Rubin

    Advice to Himself and Others:
    "Be more of a team player"

    Contact Info:
    - Sweetery NYC Website
    - grant@sweeterynyc.com

    Food Marketing Podcast Music: Sacrifice by Robodub


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