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Becky Creighton, Owner of aMenu Restaurant Marketing
  • Pub Date: Nov 04, 2016 - 5:02 am
  • Becky Creighton, aMenu Restaurant Marketing's Owner
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  • While working for a noted early Internet tech company, and other jobs since then, Becky began to realize that her passion wasn't in tech; it was food, so she started tours of restaurants in the Denver area.

    Now, she's the owner of aMenu Restaurant Marketing, a consultancy that helps restaurateurs grow their brands. As a side note, she's also known as The Bourbon Girl.

    Books to Read:
    - Influence by Robert Cialdini
    - Presuation by Robert Cialdini
    - Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson

    App/Online Resource:
    - Mile IQ
    - Evernote
    - This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt

    Time Machine Advice:
    "Pay attention to the operations and the processes that are going on...to take a step back...and learn and don't take anything personally."

    How to Contact:
    - becky@amenurm.com
    - restaurant-marketer.com

    Connect with Food Marketing Podcast:
    - Contact Link
    - Be a Guest Link

    Final Thoughts:
    "Follow your passion...when you follow your passion, you never get away from your passion."

    Music: Sacrifice by Robodub
    Intro: John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire

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